An amazing treatment program for working or time poor people that require a quick boost in 20-30 minutes. All treatments have a complementary 15 min Consultation added to treatment times.

Revitalising Mini Facials ~ $60.00
A relaxing customised treatment recommended for all skin types. This facial is very effective in a very short time. It is the perfect stepping stone to a full service facial or a great treatment if time is at a premium.  It leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and wonderfully moisturised. (30mins)

Discovery Facials ~ $75.00
Your face will glow with these relaxing customised facial treatments, designed to target the 5 main skin concerns.  Utilising a water in oil emulsion, this Biomimetic Skincare line will have your skin feeling soft, hydrated, clearer, brighter and calm.  (30mins)
“Stepping Up” Facial – Aging
“Clear Me Up” Facial – Impurities /Acne
“Calm Me Down” Facial – Sensitivity
“Boost Me Up” Facial – Dehydration
“Brighten Me Up” Facial – Pigmentation

DNA Express Facial ~ $80.00
An express 30-minute treatment to repair damaged cells via DNA repair enzymes and incorporating Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which speeds up wound healing and promotes collagen production.  This facial is fantastic for post cancer sufferers, severe skin stress, extreme exposure to the sun, people concerned with Aging and very sensitive skins.

Rosacea Facial ~ $70.00
Using medically engineered ingredients free from nasty parabens, chemicals and fragrances; this facial will really kick start your skins defense to repair previous damage and hypersensitivity.  A fantastic treatment for severely stripped, aggravated skins that generally react to most or all treatments and products.
See also LED Light Therapy for further treatment with this skin type 

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