These facials are specially designed to be an intensive treatment to help reduce the signs of aging.  All have their own unique processes, which go for over 75 minutes.

Peel Off Rubber Mask Treatments ~ $160

An intensive treatment with occlusive peel-off masks and ampoules which incorporate heating and cooling of the skin to aid deep penetration of actives, increasing their effects.

Peel-Off Whitening Treatment - Pigmentation
This creamy and hydrating treatment immediately tones down pigmentation and leaves the skin looking vitalized and rejuvenated.

Peel-Off Anti Couperose Treatment  - Sensitivity
This treatment calms the skin and helps reduce redness and inflammation, which has a vitalizing, cooling and moisturising effect.

Peel-Off Age Repair Treatment - Ageing
This treatment has a tightening and firming effect on the skin.  It contains an ingredient which stimulates the production of collagen.

Peel-Off Purifying Treatment - Impurities
This treatment deeply infuses active ingredients into the skin, which helps reduce the inflammation in breakouts and promote healing.

Peel-Off Papaya Treatment- Dehydration
It is designed to infuse ultimate hydration into the skin. With the aid of papaya, your skin will be feeling ultimately plump.


Hollywood Lift Treatment - Anti-Aging ~ $180
Also known as “Non-Surgical Face Lift”. This is an amazing treatment for structurally firming the muscle layer to give an intensive lift and firmness to the skin

Power Lifting Peel - Anti-Aging ~ $200
An upgrade from the Hollywood Lift treatment with that little something extra.  Using the effective Lifting Powder in conjunction with Argan Oil and special Enzymes to stimulate a ultimate firming and lifting effect.

A Breath of Fresh Air - Oxygen Treatment ~ $160
An ultimate skin awakening treatment for dull, lifeless skin.  This treatment will prevent oxidative stress via the aid of coenzyme Q10.  Rehabilitate your skin with this ultimate awakening facial.

Celltresor Beauty Safe - Ultimate Youth ~ $250
An innovative anti-aging treatment designed with active substances which enfold their effects on the basis of new high tech formulations. Great for ultimate deep hydration.

Hydro Marin Support - Calming ~ $210
This phenomenal anti-aging treatment is a 2 phase rubber mask program designed to intensely calm, sooth and heal the skin, especially skin prone to adult acne.  Utilising brown algae, this treatment will have you feeling calmer, plumper and extremely hydrated.

A Touch of Silk - Firming ~ $220
This intensively active facial that will give you the ultimate 'wow' by effectively improving vitality and resilience.  This skin is intensively hydrated, and the connective tissue is tightened, for a radiant, smooth and firmer complexion.

Thermo Fuse Beauty Mask - Firming ~ $185
An intensive self-heating treatment which increases circulation and speeds up the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin.  It will help hydrate, detox and firm the skin.

Collagen Biomatrix Treatment ~ $160
This facial is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore elasticity.  It is also suitable for calming irritated skin, a must have Wow treatment.


Paramedical Ultimate Facials ~ $160 - $180

Target your skin concerns with these ultimate facials, designed to give you that instant WOW factor.. All treatments include a multiple Mask system.

A16 Detox Treatment (Dull/Hyper Pigmentation)

Collagen Booster Treatment (Hydration/Aging)

ReContouring Treatment (Sagging/Aged)

Micro Silver Treatment (Sensitive/Reactive)

Purity Treatment (Acne/Inflamed)


Dr R Moy - DNA Facial (60 mins) ~ $160

An innovative treatment founded by Dr Ronald Moy to repair damaged cells via DNA repair enzymes, and incorporating Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which speeds up wound healing and promotes collagen production, this will in turn reverse the clock and prevent free radical damage and mutation.


Ultra Intensive Treatments

Herbal Facials

Using the power of herbs and nature, originally designed for medical professionals to treat problematic skin disorders till it was introduced to skincare clinics.  The treatment speeds up the skins natural renewal process and can be tailored to target multiple skin conditions such as acne, ageing, sun damage or sensitivity.  Available at different levels (strengths) - which will be customised to suit your skins needs by your skincare therapist.

B Peel ~ $240

Phyto Peel ~ $290

C Peel ~ $700

C Peel Maintenance ~ $450 
(when you have already previously purchased the C Peel and still have product left over)