Enjoy all Body Treatments in our multisensory spa system, to achieve a holistic balancing and restoration improvement to your well being. Incorporating muds, seaweeds, gels, wraps, masks, spray, salt glow and extracts from natural sources in one high-tech environmental capsule.

A Note from Bella: Spa Etiquate. If you have chosen to indulge in one of our many spa treatments and have not had a spa experience with us before we do ask that you arrive 15 mintues prior to your appointment so that your therapist is able to consult with you. 

Back Treatment Skin Hydration ~ $70.00
A relaxing treatment designed to nourish and hydrate the skin by incorporating massage and essential oils (45mins)

Back Treatment Pure Detox for problem skin ~ $90.00
Designed to deep cleanse and purify problematic skin on the back area. This treatment includes a special deep enzymatic peeling to digest surface debris along with herbal extracts to calm and soothe this condition (45mins)

Anti Cellulite Treatment ~ $150.00
A heat treatment to firm problem areas reducing the appearance of cellulite with long lasting effect. The skin is smoother, firmer, and more even. Incorporates spa express preset spa program capsule treatment (1 hr 30 mins)

Cellulite Treatment ~ $120.00
An intensive treatment which helps refine problem areas and enhance the natural contours of the body, whilst reducing the appearance of cellulite. The treatment includes a revitalising full body exfoliation and an application of thermo lotion to stimulate blood circulation in the affected areas. This cleansing and detoxifying treatment aids in the cellulite reduction and intensively stimulates metabolic activity to increase toxin elimination and tissue fluid retention. The skin is left smoother, firmer and the body is fortified with overall relaxation and vitality -  Stage 1 & 2 (45mins) - Stage 3 (60mins)

Cleopatra Body Wrap ~ $150.00
Uses ancient Egyptian method and extract to achieve radiant, collagen boost skin just like the queen of the Nile. This treatment combines a lactic clay mask and a vitamin ACE body cream to stimulate circulation, refine, soften and revitalise your skin. This treatment also includes a spa express preset spa capsule program. Suitable for all skin types but perfect for those with sensitive skin (1 hr 30mins)

Firming Body Treatment ~ $125.00
A special treatment to help to firm problem zones on the body. This treatment also helps to moderate the appearance of stretchmarks (60mins)

Relaxing Body Treatment ~ $125.00
Energise, relax or balance your inner being with our truly memorable aromatherapy experiences. Be pampered to a luxurious body exfoliation, followed by our signature massages to relax even the toughest individuals (60mins)

Spa Express ~ $70.00
Ideal for first time spa users or busy people this will allow you to experience the bliss of spa treatment. 10 preset programs have been designed to meet individual's needs including: weight loss, pain relief, sleep, mediation, Kneipp, Aquatic, Scottish therapy, Cellulite, Detox, escape capsule treatment (30mins)

Cooling Leg & Feet Treatment ~ $70.00
Refreshes, invigorates and drains tired and heavy legs whilst leaving tehm soft and supple (60mins)

Herbal Body Peeling ~ $85.00
Leaves the skin beautifully soft and supple. Depending on the peeling you choose, this treatment will have a calming, balancing or energising effect on your body, mind and soul (45mins)

Volcanic Body Peeling ~ $85.00
Leaves the skin feeling soft and supple includes spa express preset spa program capsule treatment (45mins)

Aroma Salt Glow ~ $85.00
This luxurious body treatment exfoliates the body with aromatic oils mixed with salts from the depths of the Canadian soil. The skin is deeply massaged with an application of vitamin or firming cream to finish (45mins)

Anti-Striae Treatment ~ $90.00
Leaves the skin visibly smoother. Stretch marks appear paler and blend in with the surrounding skin (60mins)

Weight Loss ~ $120.00
This treatment takes intensive targeted action to stimulate metabilic activity, increase toxin elimination and decrease tissue fluid retention. The skin is left rejuvinated and firmed, energy levels are boosted and you will be on the way to a new, slimmer you (60mins)

Stress/Pain Reduction ~ $150.00
Gently vanquishing aches and pain whilst warming and soothing muscles, this treatment will ease you into a state of deep relaxation and wellness. Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away. End this treatment with a full body massage where natural herbal essential oils are applied to stimulate the body's own ability to release stress/pain and restore peace and well being for the body, mind and soul (1 hr 30 mins)

Deluxe ShiTao Hot Rocks Treatment Face & Body ~ $150.00
Developed with Asian experts and based on traditional massage techniques used in the Far East, this treatment provides the body with the ultimate in relaxation. Using a holistic approach, shiatsu techniques and hot stone therapy, the main emphasis of the treatment is to relax both the skin and the seneses and it incorporates a number of modalities that have been specially adapted to promote a sense of well being. Also includes ScenTao Facial (1 hr 45 mins)

Energy Boost ~ $120.00
This treatment allows for the revitalisation of the body and mind. It refreshes the body areas that are swollen or sensitive resulting in the blocking of energy or toxins therefore restoring the essential energy of the skin and bosy. Feel new again (60mins)

Kneipp Treatment ~ $120.00
Inspirated by the famous early hydro-therapist Sebastian Kneipp, this treatment utilises water at different temperatures as the conductor of thermal, chemical and mechanical triggers to restore a state of balance in the body. This treatment causes the activation of circulation and increases metabolism, it will leave you filled with a new energy and vitality (60mins)

Maritime Beauty Firming Algae Pack ~ $150.00
A welcome rest for tired and stressed skin, this treatment improves elasticity and supplies intensive moisture whilst it detoxs & drains the tissue and has a firming effect. Includes spa express preset spa program (1 hr 30mins)

Vitamin Boost Treatment ~ $150.00
Supplies the skin with vitamins, vital substances and minerals which strengthens the skin's natural defences and stimulates cell reneral. Leaves skin supple and soft. Includes spa express preset spa program capsule treatment (1 hr 30 mins)

Fruity Lifting Power ~ $150.00
The fruity fountation of youth for the body restores the skin's radiance and reveals new youthfulness. The skin also looks firmer, lifted and refined. This treatment also has incorporated spa express preset spa program capsule treatment (1 hr 30 mins)

Volcanic Heat Pack Body Treatment ~ $150.00
To relax muscles, it also refines the appearance of the skin, promotes circulation, relaxes the muscle and leaves the skin feeling warm and comfortable. Includes spa express preset spa program capsule treatment (1 hr 30 mins)

Skin Rejuvenation ~ $150.00
This treatment will provide intensive moisturising, toning, elasticity and total skin nourishment. You will relax while your skin detoxifies via a rich array of micronized minerals, vitamins and enzymes naturally abundant in the mask. This treatment is ideal to combat fine lines and lighten the skin for pigmentation-prone clients (1 hr 30 mins)

Elfago Spa Treatment ~ $150.00
A wonderful treatment to flush impurities out of the skin tissue and detox the skin cells. The Elfango is an Italian Volcanic healing mud which helps restore minerals to the body and promotes the metabolic process of the skin cells (1 hr 30 mins)