Skin Care for MEN

SKINN is a dermatologically designed skin care brand, compounded in Sydney by TGA licenSed chemists, using only the highest quality ingredients selected for their performance.  The SKINN products contain a powerful combination of pharmaceutical grade ingredients specifically formulated for the male complexion.

Dermatologists have long recognized that men’s skin is different to their female counterparts.
Through the use of sound scientific knowledge and leading technology our Australian laboratories have produced superior performing products and professional treatments of the highest quality specifically for men. SKINN is a leader in technological skin care for men.

Frustrated by the lack of quality products designed and formulated for the specific needs of men who have more terminal hair, more sebaceous skin and shave daily (stripping their skin of its natural protective layer) she worked diligently with Merz to come up with a solution.

The skinn range is simple, effective and multifunctional. The ingredients are in functional concentrations and are of the highest quality. They specially lack common ingredients that irritate the skin, such as parabens, propylene glycol, high concentrations of fragrance and preservatives.

Skinn SKINN #1