Looking for a skin care system that is customised for your individual skin type? Perhaps you would like to reduce the signs of aging? Maybe you’re trying to target problematic areas or pigmentation? Or it might be that your skin is in need of regeneration or hydration? We’re here to help. Our facial treatments are designed for both men and women; specially tailored to ones individual needs and with a holistic approach to health and well being…

The Vitality Check (15mins)               FREE

This complimentary Vitality Check with any 1hr facial will give you information on the performance of your skin. Our qualified beauty therapist will first cleanse your skin, and then apply a stimulating mask, which will give you the most accurate skin diagnosis, to recommend the perfect treatment for your skin type and condition, ensuring great results.

Mini Facials

Our 30 minute Mini Facial treatments include revitalising, express and teen facials and are aimed at re-energising and cleansing the skin.

Deluxe Revitalising Facials 

Are customised treatments for you individual skin type including cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturisation techniques. Our Deluxe Revitalising Facials require 45 minutes for complete cleansing and moisturisation.

Anti Aging Facial Treatments                             

Our Anti-Aging Facial Treatments are exclusively designed as intensive treatment therapies to help reduce the signs of aging.

Regeneration/ hydration Treatments         

These treatments are simply as they read…for regeneration and hydration purposes to help overcome dehydrated, dry and dead skin.

Facials For Problematic Skin       

The aim of our Problematic Skin Facials is to turn problem skin into pure skin. We use balancing treatments for acne control, to reduce breakouts and thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Correction Facials       

Our Correction Facials focus on toning down pigmentation, reducing redness and inflammation and ultimately calming the skin.

Facials For Men Only     

These are treatments developed for our male clientele’s specific skin concerns and aging requirements. Our Facials for Men are designed for elements such as relaxation, hydration, to treat irritation from shaving and to regenerate the toughest of skin from extreme sun damage and neglect.

Eye Therapy

Specifically designed for tired eyes and to reduce redness, lines and wrinkles, our Eye Therapy is also designed to nourish the delicate eye area.