Dr Moy DNA EGF Renewal

Skin possesses natural mechanisms for renewal, repair and protection. Why not take advantage of that?

Environmental stress, photodamage, and the natural aging process cause a decline in the skin’s ability to defend itself. With age, skin cell turnover slows down dramatically, cellular repair becomes deficient, and the dermal matrix weakens.

The natural production of Growth Factor (GF) and DNA Repair Enzymes is compromised, contributing to some of the more obvious aging effects such as:

  •   dryness
  •   dullness in tone
  •   discoloration and age spots
  •   fine lines and wrinkles
  •   overall loss of radiance and resiliency

Recent innovations in skin care science allow us to encourage the skin to continue its natural regeneration processes.

Epidermal Growth Factors and DNA Repair Enzymes are two of the skin’s inherent “SUPERSTAR” repair catalysts that help regulate cell proliferation and health.

For more information, watch this video: https://vimeo.com/127739709


20 week result after using the Full DNA System


12 week result of using the Regeneration Serum


12 week result of using the Regeneration Serum for acne scars