Dr Spiller

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic uses the patented Hydratain® emulsion system, making it completely unique in skin care – by providing you with the ultimate in hydration and anti-ageing.

Understanding how your skin works is fundamental to caring for your skin. For instance, most skin care is water-based, but your skin is water-proof. How then does water-based skin care penetrate your skin? Well, it cannot.

Our product range offers everything necessary for the very best care of your skin; from essential products such as cleansers and creams to products for the sensitive eye area and care products to treat specific skin problems.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic systematically meet the needs of all skin types; young and combination skin,dry/dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin, sensitive skin and mature skin and more.


The Hydratain® Emulsion System

Water-based creams cannot penetrate your skin whilst oil-based can. Oil-based creams however feel heavy, creating a ‘film’ and not allowing your skin to breath.


However, the unique Hydratain® formula is essentially a combination of what’s best in both; a special molecule which forms a ‘net’ over your skin. The cream feels light and fresh, enabling it to breath and at the same time penetrating your water-proof skin. All whilst providing long lasting hydration and delivery of active-ingredients; resulting in plump, younger looking skin.


And this is the reason it actually works!

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